Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sif Dreaming

Sif, the second wife of Thor, is the lady with the corn-gold hair. Some sources state that she has the gift of prophecy, although this is not mentioned in the Eddas. 

I find the sonnet both challenging and rewarding for its structural limitations, but found it fit the melding of ancient and classical modes of poetic delivery. Though this is a stylistic deviation of this curtal sonnet from the traditional English form, it'll suffice for now - I will revisit it in time...

Continuing my reworking of Norse myth, I offer one of Sif's prophecies. 

The Götterdämmerung

Thrice the white Shroud falls, Moon and Sun are dimm'd,
O’er wights that flee before dark blades of kin.
Bright toothed, the horn’s song answers cry and string
When Fen-dweller the fetter’d link doth break
The earth, as sea to Coils unravelling.
And Great vessels set to grim purpose, sail,
To bring all death to ride the Battle’s Shake
Who herald this Gold-glimps’d Twilight fate.
With Fire and Ice darts Shifting treachery;
Then Bravery shall fall and so shall we.

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